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At the heart of the life of a Jesuit is living with Jesus, following the example of Ignatius. It is about thinking like Jesus, feeling like Jesus, having the values ​​of Jesus, and cherishing what He valued.

So what kind of values ​​did Jesus have, and what were his priorities? Ignatius recommends that we pay attention to the words and deeds of Jesus. At the root of Jesus' life was prayer, constantly searching for a better life as a true human in front of God who loves us. Jesus spoke about the forgiveness of sins, healed the sick , exorcised evil spirits, and gave hope to those who were oppressed by poverty and society. Jesus preaches about joy, peace, justice, love, and calls on everyone in every class of society to follow the way of God and to help people be perfect and holy. 

The Jesuits seek to instill these gospel values ​​in all activities. The Jesuits also emphasize the need to spend time to reflect and pray in order to know the will of God. Actively seeking the guidance of God is called "discernment." The greatest character that the Jesuit finds in Jesus is an obedience based on love and a deep desire to find out what God wants all men to do. What God wants is for people to accept forgiveness, to be free, and to create a world full of faith, justice, peace and love, making full use of all the capabilities and opportunities given them. Such spirituality is concrete. We see this world as a place where Christ walks, talks, and embraces people. Therefore, the spirituality of the Jesuit sees the world as a place of grace, a place where it can give life to others.

At the same time, the spirit of Ignatius is realistic. The world that Christ faced was also cruel, full of injustice, abused by power and authority. While Jesuit spirituality affirms human potential, it is thoroughly involved the world that is in constant struggle between good and evil. This tension makes the situation complex and cannot be addressed by a single ministry alone. Thus, the various ministries of the Society of Jesus collaboratively work, in their own way, for the salvation of man. Through a life of discernment, the Jesuit is able to see where one can serve God best and help others the best.

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