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Parish Ministry

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The church is a gathering of people saved by the Word of God in Jesus Christ, as well as a community with a mission to be witnesses of salvation to the world. The Second Vatican Council urged the church to be open to the world and to become a missionary community.

Jesuits need to make evangelization a central concern of the Church and make specific efforts in making clear policies in the missionary and pastors of the Church to which members are dispatched. Thus, in order to promote the Sixth Decree of the 35th General Congregations "Collaboration at the Heart of Mission", the "Objectives on the apostolic work of the Jesuits of Japan" has been compiled. It was the basic goal for the job.

  1. In the church apostolate, carry out the collaboration between the Jesuits and the believers.

  2. Promote further justice and peace in church apostolic work.

  3. Promote pastoral work for young people in church apostolic work.

  4. Promote collaborations that make use of the Jesuits 'and believers' careers.

  5. Promote the training of Jesuit members in line with the policy of collaboration.


What we are trying to achieve through these goals is to rebuild the church of 'solidity and fellowship' of the church, the local community, the foreign countries, and the people.


We have explored and tackled new directions with the believers. As a result, the church is growing little by little and is starting to stand on its own. A connection beyond the parish has been formed, expanding interest in other churches, blocs, districts, dioceses, and the general community, and began to talk and organize various activities. The problems facing modern society, such as low birth rates and aging, are felt directly in the church as difficulties in inheriting faith, and the next generation of churches are questioned. Priests, monks, and lay people became aware of the problem, and now they can share their consciousness.


Cardinal Martini led a Jesuit retreat in South America. In his discourse, he asked, "Now the mission of our members is not functioning well. What is the reason? What is the cause?" "First of all, it is in the absence of prayer. Prayer has been sharply reduced. Second, sensory desire. For example, if you want to drink, eat, wear, travel, etc. It is difficult to stop, and as a Consecrated monk I have lost my ambitions, neither spiritually nor humanly, have the desire to be like a monk, and finally, (probably this is Most of the things I wanted to say)) Deceptive life, self-deception, cheated himself, got used to it, even if he had a false life, even in the days of light, he would not try to reflect on his life These are things that hamper and make our mission difficult.

Future outlook

Japan now has few priests calling out. And when the number of followers is decreasing, I hear a voice of concern. This is the tough reality of today's church in Japan. However, do not be pessimistic, grasping only the appearances inside the basilica of the Church of St. Ignatius and reality. The most important and sure "reality" is that the Son of God became human, died on the cross, and was resurrected. I would like to firmly accept the reality of Jesus' incarnation and suffering, and the resurrection, and walk with responsibility and hope. (Right: I)

The prospect for the future can not be opened without the invitation of Jesus. In other words, I believe that the prospects for the future will be bright as long as Jesus invites, and I want to continue to work sincerely. Amen. 

Lee Sang-won

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